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Do you nurture your family and keep them as a priority but need encouragement for your own heart too?

The Emphasis On Moms newsletter is focused on encouraging mothers not only as parents, but as individual women. Just because you became a mom doesn't mean that you lost your own identity as a person.  It also doesn't mean that you don't value the roles that God has placed upon you as a wife and a mother.

The Emphasis On Moms newsletter is free and comes to you via email once a month.  Each issue is loaded with heartfelt, warm, and encouraging articles to help you navigate your roles in the home while giving yourself some attention as well.  You will gain inspiration to help you be a loving and supportive wife; learn fun new ideas to help inspire your children, see how other moms think and navigate in their lives, and most importantly....feel blessed and encouraged as you get your own heart and soul energized as a woman.

Life goes by quickly and you only get one chance to be the person you want to be.... so sign up today and let your heart be touched!

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~ Dionna Sanchez/Founder   


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dear Dionna, 
your site is really helpful for not a mom, lady im just 16. i follow da bible... and our pastor told dat wat we watch should be pure and holy... meaning nothing bad or corrupt should be there... and it is wonderful... dat u have helped me a lot now... thank u so much... i guess u have put a lot of work into it... but im telling u its not at all a waste... thank u so much again... may god bless you! im not just simply tellling dis.. this site is a real good thing 4 me... hoping to hear from u soon!!

Yours faithfully,


Dear Dionna,

I recently signed up to receive your newsletter.  Today I sat at my computer and read the entire newsletter as soon as I received it.  I just had to write and tell you I sat here and cried as I read some of the articles.  The words spoke to my heart, and I felt a real connetion to the writers.  As a mom, I often feel I am the only one out there experiencing these feelings, thoughts, and circumstances, and I don't always feel equipped to handle life.  It was never so liberating to realize it is okay to be honest about the struggles we as moms go through.  I tend to keep things to myself, so those around me never would suspect my heart is breaking at times.  However, I have been learning to lean on Jesus, and my faith has grown so much in the last few months.

Just wanted you to know God spoke to me today through your newsletter.

Thank you and God bless you.

Sharon Riojas


Hi There,

I hope you don't think I'm stalking you but I have to tell you something. I've been wanting to tell you for sometime and just never did. I let fear of what you would think stop me but I couldn't shake the feeling that I just needed to go ahead and email you. I couldn't let another day go by without letting you know that through your blog and your newsletter you have influenced my life without even knowing it. I relate so much to your blog. There are times you have posted something and I feel like I could of totally wrote that same exact post. 

I've been a Christian for sometime but the sad part is I didn't really walk in the power and the authority that was mine to walk in. I didn't understand what it truly meant to live the Christian life. 

I'm happy to say that I'm fully aware of what it is to be a born again Christian and the purpose to my being here. Through your blog and your ministry I was able to get bits and pieces of things that just fit into the puzzle that God was putting together with my life. I've wanted to say something to you for sometime, but didn't really know what to say. So this is my sad attempt to let you know that you indeed have blessed my life. 

There are people that God places in our life through different means and you are one of those people. Without even knowing it you have deeply affected my life. I admire you so much and would love to talk more with you if your interested. Please don't feel like you are going to hurt my feelings by saying your uncomfortable with that. My main purpose with this email is to let you know that you are a blessing not only to me but many others. You are definitely anointed and God has indeed blessed you with the calling that you have. 

Keep on keeping on. Don't ever doubt that what you are doing isn't affecting others. I for one can say proudly that you have positively influenced my life. 

Bright Blessings,
Paulette Boone


Wow, Dionna, what an awesome ministry you have -- what a great newsletter!  I can't wait to read through each article.  I read one and skimmed some and I love what you're doing.  Thank you again for allowing From*me Tees to be a part of your ministry and for how you encourage so many women in their marriages by speaking truth about the beauty and seriousness of our roles as being loving and respectful wives to our husbands.  Have a wonderful day and thanks again for everything.


Latonya Esau

From*me Tees

Dear Dionna,

I just had to write and thank you especially for this most recent issue of Emphasis On Moms.  First of all, I've been a subscriber for a long while and always enjoy each issue, taking away bits and pieces of inspiration each month.  However, this issue spoke to me over and over about issues I've been struggling with as recently as today! From the article about the Balancing Act or Parenting to a A Respectful Word to Uncovering the Real you... and the list goes on and on!

I just want to say a big THANK YOU to you for the time you spend writing and compiling each issue.  If ever you wonder if what you do helps even one person, the answer is a resounding YES!

Have a joyful Thanksgiving!


Cindy Longenecker


Dear Dionna,

I sit here in tears. You have know Idea how much your newsletter (home impressions December) comforted me. I had the most AWFUL day to ME! I was feeling like a failure, a loser and so many other things. Like does anyone even care if I do these little things. Or do they just think "Oh, that is Chrissy going all out. That is just who she is." When I do it with love and wholeness of heart. I feel so many emotions right at this point in my life. Thanks for sharing your heartfelt love with me today!

Chrissy Townsend (Illinois)

Dear Dionna,
I just read your lovely newsletter. It is always meaningful and I enjoy savouring it. I particularly liked 'You were called to be a mum" that I printed it out and placed in on my fridge door as a gentle reminder to me during my busy days. Thank you for the warmth you create.
Blessings to you and your family,
Simone Basarke

Hey there! I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for being such an inspiration. I love getting your newsletter, and your words never fail to touch both my heart and soul.
I passed along your site info to my members and encouraged them to sign up for your newsletter. I know they too will enjoy it as much as I do!
Wishing you an abundance of blessings!

In Friendship,

 ~Jenn Rogers



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