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Prayer First ~ By Angie Maldonado



Sometimes, as females, we want to be the "fixers."  Our friends share their trials with us over an emotional phone conversation.  We see our children discouraged or disappointed.  Our husbands may be carrying heavy burdens.  Or perhaps, our marriages are struggling with tribulation.  I know when I have encountered these various scenarios in my life, I often want to quickly do something tangible to fix them... wipe away the tears, have words with the one causing pain to my child, find a better job for my husband, or provide constant counsel in my own marriage, etc.  In doing so, I can neglect the most important resource available in all these scenarios - prayer.  At times, the Lord doesn't want us to jump right in and begin bandaging problems.  I am not discouraging from putting faith into action.  I am encouraging an encounter with the power of the Most High; seeking His wisdom and guidance before dishing out our own.

The power of prayer is an amazing thing.  Sometimes we let "the power of woman" overshadow it.  Because we want to do something tangible, the somewhat intangible aspect of prayer doesn't seem enough.  I want to encourage you to believe deeper; know with sincere faith that you ARE doing something when you pray and when you tell someone that you are praying for them.

With regard to our marriages, I attest with great conviction that prayer can do amazing things.  In the early years of my marriage, my husband and I struggled and eventually separated for a time. After our reunion, there continued to be things I wanted desperately to fix.  The Lord clearly told me to take my complaints to Him before saying anything at all to my husband.  That was hard.  I wanted to really hound my husband about certain things.  But, I took them to the Lord instead and recorded them in my prayer journal.  Do you know what happened?  Things changed.  In fact they changed so perfectly, according to how I was praying, that I asked my husband if he'd been reading my prayer journal.  He hadn't...but God had.  I never had to say a word to my husband, or to try to fix it myself.

Prayer according to God's Will is potent.  If you are praying with a pure and sincere heart about peace, renovation, and restoration in your marriage, rest assured, it is His Will.  He wants something beautiful for your marriage.  May I encourage you to pray along these lines...

Pray for your husband.  Make it a routine-- morning, noon, and night; or every time you fold his laundry, make him dinner, pick up his wet towel, whatever.  Tell him that you are praying for him and ask him to pray for you.  It's an encouraging thing to know you are being prayed for. (It's also harder to be angry or frustrated with someone when you are praying for them!)

Pray with your husband.  This is a habit my husband and I fall in and out of, sadly.  Praying with your spouse is a great way to bring spiritual unity and growth between the two of you.  This should be separate from your personal prayer life.  You and your husband can definitely pray together about your children.  Other things to pray together about are guidance for your future or current decisions; salvation for loved ones, wisdom in parenting and finances, and certainly about the growth of your own love and marriage.

Pray about your husband. As I stated before, the Lord does not always want us to jump in and begin our idea of fixing.  Consult the Great Counselor first.  If you have complaints about your marriage and husband, present them to the Lord.  Allow His Will to accomplish much in your marriage.


~ Angie Maldonado is a home schooling mom of two girls (ages 3 and 5) and an Army wife.  Her greatest goal in life is to leave a remarkable spiritual legacy to her two girls and to see them mature with hearts to serve the Lord.  She enjoys crafting, reading, and of course, writing.  She is working on her first book dedicated to encouraging women to let their lights shine for the Lord Jesus.