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The Special Plate ~  By Dionna Sanchez


I have always wanted one of those red plates that is designated for special occasions.  Perhaps you've seen them.  They sometimes come with markers that you can sign the back of them with.  But the plates are supposed to be used by someone on a special day like a birthday.

Well, around Valentine's Day I saw some darling red heart shaped plates at Target one day.  The idea of using the heart shaped plate, as my families' own "special plate" ignited within me and I purchased one.  When I brought it home, my girls were all over it.


"Mom - what's this plate for?'

"I want to use that plate, mom!"

I explained to them that the plate would only be brought out once in awhile to celebrate the specialness of somebody at mealtime.  Now, my idea was not to do the "norm" birthday celebration, although I'm sure the plate will be used for that, as well.  No, my idea was to encourage my family in character of the heart instead. (After all, it IS a heart plate!)

So, whenever someone in my family does something unselfishly, they show compassion for someone else, they do something out of the goodness of their heart without being told, they don't complain or hold their temper, etc - the heart plate will be brought out for them to use at mealtime.

I'm hoping that it will re-instill the values that I want to grow within my family as well as Godly characteristics.  It can be tough to hold on to the ideals that God wants us to have when we live in a world that is so focused on doing what feels right at the time.  But demonstrating a Godly heart is sometimes very hard to do and I want to help motivate my children to do that and encourage those kinds of traits, thinking, and actions in their lives until they become second nature to them. 

I pray that this plate will be just one way to reinforce Biblical teaching in my home.  It's already off to a good start and maybe in time, my family will encourage ME and bring the plate out for me once in awhile too. But whatever happens, I hope that this will become a special tradition for us that strengthens the kind of people we want to be.


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