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A Tale of Two Bunnies ~ By Angie Maldonado


It is with the mind of a child that we sometimes come to understand faith in the Lord.  In these early years of childrearing, the Lord has taught me many lessons.  Often times He's given me analogies or anecdotes to help me understand something He wants me to learn.  This was one of those times.  He gave me this little parable of sorts, that perhaps is fitting more for my children, but I always learn from a visual lesson best.  It is the Tale of Two Bunnies.... There once were two bunnies named Impatience and Patience, living in neighboring gardens.  Both planted a variety of ravishing vegetables - delicate leafy lettuce, tart red radishes, rows of perfectly plump pumpkins.  But both longed for the harvesting of their favorite garden delicacy - crunchy carrots.  In fact, Impatience desired her crunchy carrots so much, it was all she could think about.  Her taste-buds had experienced their flavor in years past and she could hardly wait to enjoy them once again this harvest.  Though she'd planted many other vegetables that were ready to be picked and eaten, she neglected them, thinking only of her precious carrots.  She watched Patience enjoying radishes and lettuce in the shade of her cozy garden.  She knew Patience was excited about her carrots as well, so how could she wait?  Impatience began to lose hope in her carrots ever being ready to harvest.  She just couldn't wait any longer - Impatience hopped down the rows of her garden, picking every carrot she could find.  They were tiny carrots and they tasted okay, but not as delicious as she knew they could taste.  A few weeks passed and she noticed Patience was harvesting lovely plump crunchy carrots, the brightest orange she'd ever seen.  "If only I'd waited," thought Impatience.

A fulfilled promise of the Lord is all we could expect it to be and more.  Sometimes they are hard to wait for and sometimes we decide not to wait.  What we receive then is so inferior to what His promise originally was for us.  We can become so focused on one specific fulfillment that, like Impatience, we neglect many other wonderful blessings all around us.  We must understand that the mind of God is oh so much greater than ours.  He has a plan for fulfillment we may not understand or we may want to come much more quickly.

I think of Jacob, the promised son of Abraham; the son through whom the covenant was to be fulfilled.  He was to have the promised descendents and be made a great nation.  Yet, his precious wife, Rebekah, remained barren as Jacob watched his half brother, Ishmael, go on to produce twelve heirs.  How could this be?  Don't you imagine that Jacob began to doubt the promise of God would ever be fulfilled through him? Maybe he wondered if the message got crossed, as it seemed Ishmael was receiving the promise.  If you read Genesis 25, you will see God is ever faithful, never confused, and always fulfills what he's promised. Rebekah did not remain barren and birthed the heirs promised directly by God.

Can I ask what you may be waiting for in your marriage?  Is it for your unsaved husband to come to the Savior?  Is it for the promotion for your husband, allowing you to stay home as the Lord promised you? Perhaps you are waiting for the next season in your marriage - starting a family, the empty nest or retirement.  Sometimes we see our friend's marriage flourishing and we wait for the Lord to rejuvenate the love in our own.  Do not sell yourself short, like Impatience, and give up waiting on your best harvest.  While you're waiting, enjoy the blessings He's already provided you.  Wait resting with a heart of peace, knowing,..."He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion...." (Phil. 1:6).  Your promises are yours. Allow the infinite knowledge of the Lord to bring them to fruition in His time.


~ Angie Maldonado is a home schooling mom of two girls (ages 3 and 5) and an Army wife.  Her greatest goal in life is to leave a remarkable spiritual legacy to her two girls and to see them mature with hearts to serve the Lord.  She enjoys crafting, reading and of course, writing.  She is working on her first book dedicated to encouraging women to let their lights shine for the Lord Jesus.