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Each and Every Time ~ By Ginia Dible


Today my husband and teenager spent four hours putting together a new kitchen table set for me.  It is a little corner nook, with an L-shaped sitting area, table, and picnic-style bench on the other side.  I've wanted it for years, because it sits just perfectly in the corner of the kitchen.

The set came in a box.  Before putting it together, we examined each piece for damage.  The tabletop was a beautiful honey color.  I ran my hand along the matching bench, pleased with the smooth, honey glow that matched the table so well.

Their work truly was a labor of love.  They were both suffering from June allergies, and my husband had twisted his back recently.  But they knew how important it was to me to have that table up and shining before out-of-town company arrives next week.  So they worked on it anyway.

The last thing they constructed was the bench.  It required turning it upside down to screw in the legs, and they had some trouble, as the screws went in tightly.  Finally it was completed, and they called me to see the finished product.  As they turned the bench over to place it next to the table, our eyes were drawn to the center of the bench.  Ooops! There, a deep scratch ran about four inches against the grain of the wood.

It shouted at you.

My husband gasped. My daughter's eyes went wide. Then their gaze went to me.

In that split second I saw my choices: Great disappointment. Anger over their carelessness. Horror at the ruination of my new bench.  They seemed to expect one of these, or all.

Perhaps the Spirit of God was with me today.  Because instead, all I saw were two people who loved me enough to spend all afternoon putting my table set together.

"Well," I said, "it's bound to get dinged or scratched some time anyway."

"I'm sorry, Mommy," said the teenager, displaying her emotions by using that endearment.

I told them not to worry about it, and I gave them both a hug. The last thing I want is a house so perfect that people are afraid to touch anything, I said.

And it's true. I want my house to be a house of love and acceptance. Not one where you have to be careful lest you get yelled at for something you didn't mean to do anyway.

I went out later in the day, and I wondered how I would feel when I returned home and saw that scratch again.  Would I resent it? Would it get to me? Will it nag at me over the next few weeks? Or will I simply appreciate my new table set?

And I wonder also how my husband and daughter will feel everytime they come in to eat a meal and see that scratch.

In Old Testament times, God directed His people to set up monuments of stone to remember important events. The purpose was to remind His people of His working in their lives, though it be decades or centuries later.  As they'd pass the monument, they'd remember what God did for them that day.

In the same way, every time my family sits down to eat, that scratch may well remind them of today. Oh, how I would hate for them to be constantly reminded of Mother angrily shouting at the carelessly stupid thing done that day.  I cannot imagine how that memory, brought back each and every mealtime, could slowly erode one's feeling of worth.

Yes, the Spirit of God WAS with me today.  Perhaps instead that scratch will be a monument to a home of love and forgiveness. A home where accidents are easily forgotten, but loving actions are long remembered.

Tomorrow, at mealtime, I think I may speak again of how much I appreciate the work that went into setting up this kitchen set.  And how I'll see the entire project, each and every day, as a reminder of how much my husband and daughter love me and wanted to make me happy. Then truly this monument will stand for love in our family.  And that's what we'll remember.  Each and every mealtime.


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