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A list of 100 family friendly movies (and now some television shows!)





Are you tired of watching movies aimed at your family - only to find them  inappropriate? I hope this list will become a reliable form of resource for you. I have listed 100 Movies from past to present that are suitable for your whole family - from your littlest to your oldest. They have minimal violence, sex and bad language....of course as with everything a family watches, you may need to explain situations to your children or critique the movie first.

As new movies are released, if I find out they encourage family values, are innocent to little eyes, or suitable for your family, I will add them to the list (removing an older film listed in the process.) 

~~~ Again, please remember to always screen a movie for yourself before showing it your children. Some of these movies (although family-oriented) still might not be suitable for younger children.  I realize not everyone will agree with every movie on this list - but have done my best in its compilation and no movie is on here that I haven't personally seen myself.


**Also available: Recommended TV Shows for your family**


NOTE: Newer additions are in purple

Updated 05/02/10


1.  Second Chance (Michael W. Smith) 

2.  Kit Kittredge - An American Girl 

3.  Cheaper by the Dozen - Steve Martin, Bonnie Hunt, Hilary Duff

4.  One Night with a King 

5.  Curious George

6.  Nancy Drew (Emma Roberts )

7.  Emma 

8.  Confessions of a Shopaholic

9.  Remember The Titans (Denzel Washington)

10.  Runaway Bride (Julia Roberts, Richard Gere)

11.  Everyone's Hero 

12.  Horton Hears a Who  Note: There are a couple times where the word "idiot" is used as well as "boob" - referring to someone being a dimwit

13.  The Nativity Story  ~ I do not recommend this movie for younger children - you at least want to view it first to see what you think your child can handle.

14.  Rocky Balboa 

15.  Fly Away Home (Jeff Bridges)

16.  The Truman Show (Jim Carrey)

17. Sky High (Kurt Russell, Kelly Preston )  

18.  Up  ~ Made me cry!

19.  The Santa Clause (Tim Allen)

20.  Akeelah and the Bee  ( a few bad words)

21.  Virginia's Run - (mild sarcasm/sass)

22.  Game Plan 

23.  Hoodwinked 

24.  First Daughter  ~ (Katie Holmes) ~ This movie has a few sexual situations but they are very tame compared to most movies. And there is no nudity. Depending on your family - you might want to preview it first before your children watch it to see what you are comfortable with them seeing.

25.  Herbie Fully Loaded (Lyndsay Lohan) 

26.  National Treasure: Book of Secrets ~ National Treasure was my girls' first "action" movie and a movie that we all love to watch together at home. So I was really excited to see the second one. It took me a little bit to get into the movie but once I did, it didn't dissapoint. There are two things I love about the National Treasure Movies: 

1. That they are rated PG. You don't have to worry about a bunch of unnecessary "junk" clogging up the film whether it's violence or sex.

2. The mystery/adventure in them that combines with history of our country. It makes me want to delve into our history more because right now, I wouldn't know if some of the "history" they talk about in the film is fabricated or real! It catches and keeps your interest. 

I love that there is no bad language (that I remember) in National Treasure 1 or 2. I will say that two things stood out to me that I was bummed about in National Treasure 2. The first one was that Abigail uses her sexuality to distract someone so that a clue can be discovered. She is in a somewhat low cut dress and moves very seductively in this scene. I wish they could have dealt with that situation in a different manner. Still, they put it in there and however "tame" it may be, it's obvious she is using her body to distract someone and I didn't like it. Also I don't like how Abigail and Benjamin live together (even though they are currently separated). As a Christian, I wish they would have dealt with their relationship progressing to a more serious one in a different way. 

I could pick apart a few other little things that bothered me but on the whole this was a great movie. The characters all have redeeming qualities and honestly care about each other and work to help each other. That's refereshing. I have no problem with my girls seeing it and even though there are things that can bring up topics of conversation (like doing something wrong or against the law even if it's for a good cause- it still is wrong); I am thrilled that there is an action/adventure movie out there that is decent and fun enough for the whole family to see. I hope that they make more of them and continue to keep them clean, humorous, and fun-filled with adventure. 

27.  The Rookie  - (Dennis Quaid)

28.  The Terminal (Tom Hanks) 

29.  Miss Potter 

30.  Hannah Montana: Best of Both Worlds 

31.  Flushed Away 

32.  The Lake House (Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves) 

33.  Bridge to Terabithia   I got this movie mainly because my daughter wanted to see it. I wasn't ready to be impressed as I had my reservations about it - but I must say, it was a pretty decent movie.  The movie focuses on the friendship of two kids who feel like outsiders. It shows what they create with their imagination - Terabithia.  There is one scene after church where they talk about going to heaven or hell and whether or not they believe in God - I think this would be a pivotal point and scene to discuss with your children. And without ruining the movie, there is going to be a point in the movie where something catastrophic happens. Overall though, this movie encourages dreams, creativity, friendship, compassion, and love.

34.  Father Of The Bride - (Steve Martin)

35.  Cars 

36.  Glory Road 

37.  The Ultimate Gift (NEW!)

38.  Bolt (NEW!)

39. The Water Horse  ~ Might be too suspenseful for younger children...

40.  Facing The Giants ~ I cannot say enough good things about this movie. It is phenomenal. The whole family will enjoy it. It really impacts the viewer by reminding them of who, how, and what they are living their life for. What is your priority? Your purpose? Will you still love God even if things don't go your way? The guys will enjoy the football, there are some humorous and tender moments as well - HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

41.  Duma

42.  We Are Marshall 

43.  A Walk To Remember (Mandy Moore) 

44.  The Prince Of Egypt 

45.  Narnia  I would recommend not letting children under the age of 9 see this movie without you viewing it first.  In fact, I would recommend that you do see this movie first and then decide what is and is not appropriate for your children. I know many parents who have let their children watch the whole movie. I have a 9 and an almost 7 year old. My husband and I watched this first and then I chose to watch it with my girls. There were some scenes that I forwarded through, and some that I did not let my younger one watch at all as she can get very anxious at intense scenes. 
It is a great movie that has a lot of things to talk about and discuss. But there are intense scenes of children being chased, fighting, the killing of Aslan, a knife is put to Edmond's throat, there are creatures that work for the witch that are very ugly and demonic looking, and of course the evilness of the witch.  You will need to watch this movie yourself to put everything into context and decide how mature your children are and what they can or cannot view. But I do suggest letting them see some of the ugliness (depending on what you feel they can handle) as life does have ugliness in it and it can bring to light great discussions about good and evil.  All in all - this is a wonderful story depicting what God did for us and how we stand to battle as His children.

46.  Tooth Fairy (NEW!)

47.  Monsters, Inc.

48.  Raise Your Voice (Hilary Duff)

49.  The Blind Side (NEW!)

50.  Nim's Island

51.  Secondhand Lions (Robert Duvall, Michael Caine) 

52.  The Count of Monte Cristo (Jim Caviezel) ~ I love Jim Caviezel in this movie and it's become one of my favorites. It's got drama, a love story, and some action so that you and your spouse can both enjoy it together. I would recommend not allowing young children to watch this movie as it can be violent in spots though. The great thing about this movie is the underlying morals it encompasses. Dantes (played by Jim Caviezel) has every right for revenge for being imprisoned unjustly for 13 years.  Dantes learns an internal strength  and you will feel "gripped" as you follow his emotions from sadness, bitterness, anger, shock, and forgiveness as life continues to change for him in varied ways. You will root for Dantes, cry with him,  smile, and feel justified at the ending.

53.  August Rush 

54.  Love Comes Softly 

55.  Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses 

56.  Ice Princess

57.  Kung Fu Panda

58.  Eight Below 

59.  A Cinderella Story (Hilary Duff) 

60.  Because Of Winn-Dixie 

61.  Two Brothers 

62.  Charlotte's Web

63.  Dreamer  (Kurt Russell, Elisabeth Shue, Dakota Fanning)  I just saw this beautiful movie with my family. It is based on a true story about a horse that injured its leg and how this horse changes the direction, attitudes, and connectedness of the family that takes it in.  The movie starts out a little slow, but is very heartwarming as you watch the characters evolve a little bit.  There is no sex and I don't remember any foul language. This is a great movie for the whole family to see and especially those children who adore horses. I want to buy this one on DVD when it comes out.....

64.  Enchanted 

65.  Flicka (Tim McGraw) Flicka is a great family movie - and I would encourage dads and daughters to see it together. It can bring some great discussion regarding obedience, as well as the dreams that children carry within their hearts. There is no swearing in this movie and no sexual scenes (only one scene that shows the daughter's back in the bathtub). It is a story about a daughter and her soulful desire to be with, around, and on horses - hoping to carry on and take over her father's ranch someday. Only problem is that her dad and her "butt" heads a lot as he thinks his son will take over the ranch (the son would rather go off to college). It will bring tears to your eyes on more than one occasion as you see how God created innate desires within us that cannot go unattended. It will also address the parent-child relationship and the respect that needs to be given to that - as well as the consequences that can be had when you willfully disobey.  A very touching movie.

66.  Bella

67.  National Treasure

68.  Free Willy 2

69.  Return To Snowy River - (Singrid Thornton)

70.  Fireproof (Kirk Cameron) 

71.  High School Musical 3: Senior Year 

72.  Polar Express 

73.  Hope Floats (Sandra Bullock, Harry Connick Jr.)

74.  Barbie: Rapunzel - -- much less scarey parts than Swan Lake if you ask me!

75.  Freaky Friday (Lyndsay Lohan, Jaimie Lee Curtis)

76.  Amazing Grace 

77.  Sabrina (Greg Kinnear, Julia Ormond)

78.  The Santa Clause 2 (Tim Allen) 

79.  Dance With Me (Vanessa Williams, Chayanne)

80.  Princess Diaries 2 (Julie Andrews)    

81.  One Fine Day (Michelle Pfeiffer, George Clooney)

82.  What A Girl Wants (Kelly Preston, Amanda Bynes) 

83.  Spirit: The Stallion of the Cimarron 

84.  Ella Enchanted (Anne Hathaway) 

85.  March of the Penguins 

86.  Country Bears Jubilee

87.  Pursuit of Happyness (Will Smith) 

88.  Radio - (Cuba Gooding JR. )  

89.  Prince Caspian  Note: This movie is more intense than the first Narnia movie with a lot of battle scenes/sequences. Arrows and swords are common.  I would recommend watching first before showing to children under 10.

90.  Wall-E 

91.  The Young Black Stallion 

92.  Ociee Nash 

93. Miracle - a few offensive words

94.  Tuck Everlasting 

95.  The Princess Diaries 

96.  Bedtime Stories Note: There is one girl who wears a bikini and a couple other skimpy outfits but extended attention is not drawn to these....

97.  Night at the Museum 1 & 2

98.  Rattatoille

99.  Paul Blart Mall Cop

100.  Lizzie Maguire - (Hilary Duff)



*American Idol (great for discussions!)

*Flight 29 Down

*Man Vs. Wild - some scenes might bother younger children

* Extreme Home Makeover

*America's Funniest Home Videos

*Hannah Montana

*Cash Cab

*Diners, Dives, and Drive-Ins

*Biggest Loser

*What Not To Wear 

*Sonny With a Chance


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