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You are a Mom ~   You are a Wife ~   You are a Lady ~

Don't run from who you are ~ embrace it!




Faith Builders


The media influences our lives in such a powerful way. Now you can use the media to your own advantage! Use it to open up discussions and topics with your spouse and/or children to help you mold character, morals, and values as well as build up your faith as a family.



Current Spotlight: Validation

*Click here to watch video*


Topic of Discussion ~ How can you encourage and validate others?

What does this video show you about how people affect each other and their attitude in life?




Current Spotlight: Colin Powell's 13 Rules of Leadership

*Click here to watch video*


Topic of Discussion ~ What are the 13 rules of leadership that he lists here? Which one in particular, do you see as a strength in yourself - and which one is a weakness?



The Jonas Brothers

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Topic of Discussion ~ The Jonas Brothers have a saying in their family that helps keep them grounded. What is that saying? Discuss how it's a positive saying and how you see it working in the lives of the Jonas Brothers.  Then, discuss how you can use this saying or motto in your own life and how it can help you remember what kind of a person you would like to be.