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Covered In Prayer ~ By Dionna Sanchez


A lady at my church was sharing with a few of us at Bible Study one night how she covers her son in prayer before he goes out the door.  It so impacted her son that he would remind her to pray for him before he left the house!

This so struck me that I decided to start doing this with my own two daughters.  Oh, I pray for them. But normally I pray for them when they are not with me.  I might pray for them while they are at school or in bed.  Sometimes I pray with them for their welfare but it's usually when they are sick or hurting.  They don't often get to see me pray for them just because the world is a tempting place and I want their welfare, their hearts for the Lord, their hopes and dreams - to be covered in God's protection and prayer!

So I started doing it with them the next morning before school. Sometimes our mornings are rushed so I wasn't sure when I could find a good moment to do this.  But I decided that a good time would be while I am doing their hair.  So, I explained to them what I was going to do with them and why I wanted to do it.

It was really neat for me to be able to put a hand on my child and let them witness me pray over them.  To have them hear my desires and wishes for them and know that I believe in God's protection and sovereignty. I want them to understand that i know school is hard and it's hard to stand out and be different.  But they are not alone.

I have prayed Scripture verses over them, I've asked for them to be sensitive to what might be contradictory to God's teaching, I've asked for them to be salt and light to their school, and more.

I am hoping this will become a habit in their lives.  That I can begin to pray over them not just when they leave for school in the morning, but perhaps before they go to a sleepover, or other functions and activities as they grow up.  I'm hoping that it will show them that I believe in the power of prayer and encourage them to pray more often, as well. And I'm hoping that it will deepen our faith together - not just as mom and daughters.... but as sisters in Christ.



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