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The Prayer ~ By Paula Moldenhauer


I wish I could honestly say that I get up every morning and spend time in extended prayer.  Unfortunately, I don't.  Often, it's more of a whisper of, "God, help me get through this day.  Show me how to manage all that's facing me," as I stumble to the restroom.

But sometimes I do prioritize time alone with God.  Often when this happens, it is interrupted by one of my two youngest children.  I'm usually sitting in our old blue recliner, purchased 13 years ago during those days of nursing babies.  Perhaps I've read a few verses in my Bible and I'm just closing my eyes to spend some time talking with Jesus.  That's when the interruption comes.

The other day I was enjoying a moment's quiet before the house came alive with sleepy voices and pleas for breakfast.  I'd just laid my Bible down and closed my eyes when the familiar words came.  

"What cha doin', Mom?"

"Praying. You want to cuddle with me while I do?"

My son agreed and snuggled next to me in our comfy recliner.  I prayed long, pouring my heart out to God.  I told Him about concerns as well as my hopes and dreams, including my desires for the son on my lap.  Samuel sat patiently; content to let me pray while I held him.

When I finished, he started clapping. "Good one, Mom!"  He said.

And in His sweet words and joyous applause, I heard the affirmation of the Father.


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